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Jean Michel Gerard, the new General Manager of Terragen

26 July 2012

Jean Michel Gerard is since the beginning of July 2012 the new General Manager of Terragen. His predecessor, Nicolas de Fontenay, after two years spent in the island, shall now be posted in Caribbean area.

Jean Michel Gerard boasts a remarkable career in power plants.  He has been working for the French Navy for 15 years and pursued his career at the SECHILIENNE SIDEC group, the independent power producer company, for the last 20 years.

He is convinced of the important economic social and environmental contribution of bagasse and coal plants. After nine years working in the engineering field, he is keen to reconnect with the day to day operations of a thermal power plant and believes in the wealth of the human potential of Terragen.

Terra group warmly welcomes Jean Michel Gerard and wishes good luck to Nicolas de Fontenay in his future endeavors.