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VRS II: 270 beneficiaries received their plot of land

26 April 2013

An official ceremony was held on the 25th of April where 270 former employees of Terragri Ltd and Compagnie Sucrière de Mon Songe Ltd were handed a title deed for a 295 m2 plot land in line with the Voluntary Retirement Scheme II.

This ceremony was held in presence of eminent personalities, such as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security, the Vice President of the District Council of Pamplemousses, Cyril Mayer, Managing Director of Terra and Jean Arthur Pilot Lagesse, General Manager (Agriculture) of Terragri.


The plots of lands will be located in four different areas, namely Mon Goût where 80 families will be living. The village of D’Epinay will also welcome 117 families while 47 and 26 beneficiaries will be moving in Petite Julie and Pont Praslin respectively.