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The gustatory Odyssey of 20/Vin

The country’s borders are closed? Never mind! To end 2020 in style, Grays’ 20/Vin boutiques invite you each month to discover a new terroir throughout the world. So, close your eyes and follow us throughout this beautiful gustatory odyssey…

From the mountainous reliefs of Constantia to the valleys of La Rioja, 20/Vin embarks its members through an exclusive adventure. After rediscovering Mauritian expertise in August, ranging from New Grove rums to Takamaka wines, the month of September was dedicated to South African terroirs. In October, wine lovers will discover the Spanish terroirs. November, on the other hand, will be devoted to the world of whisky, taking amateurs from Scotland to Japan. Finally, in view of the end-of-year festivities, December will honor the terroirs of France, with a selection of wines and champagnes.

These various events will be marked by special animations in the eleven 20/Vin cellars across the island. In addition to themed decorations, tastings will be held to allow amateurs to expand their taste buds. 20/Vin will also organize events, such as parties or masterclasses, highlighting each region.

Finally, members will be invited to complete their own “Explorer’s Map”, which will allow them to participate in a draw at the end of the year. Prizes emphasizing the art of living are to be won, as well as the pleasure of discovering and sharing!

Follow the hashtag #odyssée20vin and go to the 20/Vin Facebook page or to the 20/vin store nearest you to learn more and participate.

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