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Jason César : a man of many hats

Jason César is a man that wears many hats, and at 35 years old, he wears them proudly! A Chief weigher at the Belle Vue factory by day, Jason is also a devoted family man with various hobbies and interests.

With a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity, Jason is an avid documentary lover. “I love discovering new things and learning in the process. I dedicate much of my spare time watching documentaries of all genres – I find it enhances my general knowledge” he says. His second passion? Jason is a fishing enthusiast! According to him, there is no better hobby to unwind and escape the pressures of everyday life. In third place, like any self-respecting Mauritian, Jason is a football fanatic. A Liverpool F.C. diehard, Jason also plays religiously, every Wednesday in the company of his friends.

Hobbies aside, Jason is clearly passionate about another major aspect of his life: his career. 14 years have flown by since Jason initially joined the Terra group, and a further 11 years since he settled at Belle Vue. A dedicated and hard-working man, Jason demonstrated his worth and was deservedly promoted to Chief weigher in 2020.

What is Jason’s driving force? His constant desire for innovation and self-improvement in an industry that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. “In 2016, automated weighing was introduced to the existing scale system. This system was predominantly used for by-products but was later extended to cane. This small innovative change allowed for significant savings in terms of labour. It is a source of personal satisfaction to have led this project, especially because this level of automation only exists at Terra,” he explains.

And yet, for Jason, this success would not be possible without a solid, collaborative team. As the head of a young, tight-knit and promising team, Jason embraces the challenges that the future may bring their way.

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