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Our Projects



H. Ramnarain Government School (ZEP school)

Since 2004, Terra supports this ZEP school (priority zone education) found in a pocket of poverty within its factory area. Some 4 projects were sponsored to address absenteeism, failures and provide some welfare and rewards to the vulnerable kids. In 2017 the foundation sponsored the building of two remedial classes which were completed in May 2018.

Les Amis de Zippy via Action for Integral Human Development

For 2 projects:

(1) A program helping children to cope with their emotions and difficult situations, sponsored for 3 schools and reaching 110 kids.

(2) A training for the teachers was also sponsored.

College Technique St Gabriel via Action for Economic and Social Development

Scholarships of 3 students of low-income families.

BPS Fatima college via Roman Catholic Diocese of Port Louis CSR

Fourth year of their ‘education for Sustainability’ project.

Maison Familiale Rurale du Nord

Sponsorship of an educator, of the daily meals, of the vulnerable youths as well as pedagogical tools and materials.


Awareness sessions to the public in general regarding this sensitive problem and ways to address it.

Adolescent Non Formal Education Network (ANFEN)

Psychological support for vulnerable students living in difficult situations.

Association d'Alphabetisation de Fatima

For the sponsorship of the school fees for one vulnerable youth.


Association Amour Sans Frontières and Etoile du Berger

Caring for handicaped children and young adults.


Autisme Maurice

Sponsoring of a teacher and an assistant for their branch in the north as well as their running costs.

Lizie dan la main 

Sponsoring of an administrative assistant and an IT teacher for visually impaired person.

Association la Courte Echelle du Nord

Sponsorship of 2 mentally impaired children of low-income families.

Association for Disability Service Providers (ADSP)

Sponsorship of 7 mentally and physically impaired children in the North.

St Patrick's College via Fondation Cours Jeanne d'Arc

For the sponsorship of a vulnerable and mentally impaired student.

United Skills Workers Cooperative Society Ltd

Contribution to their public collection.


Association des Amis de Don Bosco

For 6 projects:

(1) The annual camp.

(2) School materials.

(3) Shoes for children.

(4) Christmas gifts for the 30 children of this residential care center for abandoned children.

(5) The residential care costs.

(6) The daily meal of a teenager for one year.

Agir Ensemble

Contribution for the renovation of the damaged house of a vulnerable person living in difficult conditions.

Caritas Goodlands

Contribution for the renovation of the damaged house of a vulnerable person living in difficult conditions.

Foyer Pere Laval

For 2 projects:

(1) Psychological therapy of the abandoned youths.

(2) Contribution to general repairs.

Shelter l'Oiseau du Paradis, Safire and Comité Quartier Cité de Pamplemousses and ADP

Sponsorship of the Samoa Circus tickets, the lunch and transport of the beneficiaries of these 4 NGOs.

Caritas Solitude and Safire

For the sponsorship of the transport and lunch of these two NGOs for the Porlwi by Nature activities.

Société de Secours Mutuels de Pointe aux Piments

School materials of vulnerable students of the area.


Contribution to their public collection.

Caritas Grand Gaube

Welfare of vulnerable kids through the sponsorship of entry tickets of the sugar museum L’Aventure du Sucre.


Welfare of vulnerable kids through the sponsorship of entry tickets of the sugar museum L’Aventure du Sucre.

Plaine St Cloud school

Welfare of vulnerable kids through the sponsorship of entry tickets of the sugar museum L’Aventure du Sucre.

Shelter for Women and Children in Distress Trust Fund

Welfare of vulnerable kids through the sponsorship of entry tickets of the sugar museum L’Aventure du Sucre.

Evangelism Fellowship

Welfare of vulnerable kids through the sponsorship of entry tickets of the sugar museum L’Aventure du Sucre.

Mouvement Civique de Baie du Tombeau

Residential project called l’Abri de Lumière caring for teenage mothers of extremely vulnerable families. The sponsorship included the care givers fees for the babies and all related costs, in order to enable the teenage mothers to continue their training to become independent and to be reintegrated in their families. With the success of the integration of the girls, the project was modified in 2017 to become a day care centre for these babies.


The foundation has been sponsoring a social worker for this NGO for the past 6 years for the daily monitoring and follow-up of some 38 vulnerable children in difficulty in a pocket of poverty called ‘Cité Mère Teresa’ in Triolet. It also sponsored various activities and holiday programs, as well as training sessions for unemployed women, who are now in recycling newspapers into paper bags business. In 2017, the foundation sponsored the extension of this project for a wider community development, including sport through the creation of a Cycling Academy. A total of 5 main projects were sponsored.

Caritas Solitude

For seven projects: the breakfast and lunch of vulnerable students, IT beginners courses for the youths, holiday activities, contribution for their new nursery, emergency services, housing aid for 1 family and the preparation of a plot of land at Arsenal for a new organic vegetable garden to be managed by the beneficiairies of the NGO.

SOS Children's Villages Mauritius

Sponsorship of daily needs of 3 vulnerable kids and their ‘SOS Mother’ for this residential care in an SOS house in the North.



Through the sponsorship of T1Diams, the foundation is helping 270 vulnerable children suffering from type 1 diabetes to have access to quality health services, and support for the management of their illness via the sponsorship of medical materials and participation to a therapy camps.

Centre d'Accueil de Terre Rouge

Setting up of an organic vegetable garden by the residents of this NGO caring for the rehabilitation of people victim of alcohol abuse.

Centre de Solidarité pour une Nouvelle Vie

For 2 projects:

(1) Organisation of the candlelight memorial in commemoration of those who died with AIDS.

(2) Sponsorship of prizes for NGO’s VTT race.


Biodiversity Preservation

Support to awareness sessions of this NGO promoting pesticide-free/organic planting via painting challenges in schools as well as training of 3 planters from North for the obtaining of a certification for organic planting. The foundation also helped to the organisation of the first Community Earth Market at Solitude.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

For the past 7 years a support was given for the field expenses for the conservation of the Mauritian Echo Parakeet, an endangered bird of Mauritius. Since then, the population of the specie has increased satisfactorily.


Pamplemousses Sporting Club

For the equipment of one of their teams mostly consisiting of the vulnerable youths of the region for an international football competition.

Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports (TFES)

Through this NGO support was given for the daily transport for the training sessions as well as refreshments for some 22 badminton athletes coming from low income families in the North. The performance of these athletes have been remarkable over the last years not only on the national level but on the regional level also.

Association de Développement de Pamplemousses

For the transport costs of the beneficiaries attending the training sessions of their football school


Comité Quartier Cité de Pamplemousses, Association de Développement de Pamplemousses and SAFIRE

The foundation sponsored 60 kids and 7 adults of these 3 NGOs for their participation at KAZ’Out, a cultural and musical festival. The beneficiaries of these NGOs were able to participate to the various workshops proposed as well as a visit of the Sugar museum.


Caritas Rodrigues

For 5 projects:

( 1) Daily meal support for 129 vulnerable students.

(2) Sponsorship of pastry courses, ingredients as well as equipment for 150 beneficiaries of Association des Écoles Ménagères.

(3) University fees for 2 vulnerable youths.

(4) Psychological therapy and counselling for youths living in difficult situations and for children living in a shelter.

(5) Housing assistance project for extremely vulnerable people.

Rodriguan schools educational tour in Mauritius

For 8 primary schools: The foundation sponsored one day in their educational tour including the transport, entry fees at L’Aventure du Sucre and lunch. A ‘blind food tasting’ workshop and related activities were also organised, as well as some prizes and bags for a delegation of 455 people including 313 students. The employees of Terra volunteered for the welcome of the students, as well as for the organisation of the activities.


UN International Day for the eradication of poverty

On the occasion of the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17 October 2017, the foundation invited the NGO Lovebridge, which works in pockets of poverty, to present to the employees of the Group, during that week, their innovative approach in their service. Sessions were held in all the companies of the Group and the foundation sponsored an amount of money for each employee who participated. The sum raised was donated to the NGO for the Christmas pack of the children they look after in these pockets of poverty.

Christmas actions

The foundation contributed to the Christmas gifts of the following NGOs and shelter for a total of 75 children: SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, Lovebridge and Shelter l’Oiseau du Paradis.