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Terra Foundation and Caritas Solitude for the opening of a store of secondhand goods

12 October 2012

Terra Foundation, with the help of the employees of Terra, has renovated, painted and furnished a container to allow Caritas Solitude to open a store of secondhand goods, with the objective of giving most disadvantaged young people of this region sufficient financial support to be able to continue their tertiary studies or take technical training courses.

Thanks to the ground given to Caritas by Terra and the partnership established with Fondation Nouveau Regard and CFL of the CIEL group, the employees of Terra were able to refurbish the container on Friday, October 12th. The President of Terra Foundation CSR committee, Louis Denis Koenig, led the inauguration the following day, in the presence of the beneficiaries and the representatives of Caritas and CFL. Entertaining activities offered to about forty children made the event even more memorable.