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Terra rewards the best projects of its internal contest “Innov @ Terra”

23 October 2015

To promote innovation and celebrate creativity through an internal contest for its 1,300 employees. This was the objective of the internal competition “Innov @ Terra,” which encouraged employees to submit projects to improve products, processes or services within the group.

Alain and Reynolds Laguette of Terra Milling Ltd and Vedalall Bhujun of Terragri Ltd won the first place in the “Department” and “Individual” categories respectively. During a ceremony held at Mauricia, Bois Rouge, the winners received a Rs 50,000 cheque in the presence of the group’s executive members, as well as Sanjiv Mulloo, Chairman of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC). The concerned subsidiaries will now examine and implement the proposed projects.