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Terra wins PWC’s Corporate Governance Disclosures Award for the fourth time

5 March 2015

PricewaterhouseCoopers 17th Corporate Reporting Award Ceremony, Hennessy Park Hotel, 4th of March 2015 – Terra Mauricia Ltd won this year the Corporate Governance Disclosures Award for the fourth time (2006, 2007, 2010 & 2015). The Judging Panel used the Integrated Reporting Framework as a basis for reviewing the nominees’ annual reports and they noted a high level of compliance with the requirements of the Code of Corporate Governance.

Michael Ho Wan Kau, who presented the Judging Panel findings, said: “In terms of the scoring, there was not much in it between the five nominees. Terra produced a much improved layout of its Corporate Governance Report. It focused on the effectiveness and performance of its Board and Committee. Its directors had to submit a self evaluation of their emotional intelligence which was discussed with the Chairman in presence of an independent consultant. The directors also answered a questionnaire on the effectiveness of the Board. It revised its Code of Ethics and set up a whistle-blowing policy which is monitored externally”.


The nominees and winners of the 2015 edition are:


Risk Management Disclosures – Financial Institutions(Sponsored by MIoD)

Nominees:AfrAsia Bank Limited, State Bank of Mauritius Ltd

The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (Winner)


Risk Management Disclosures – Non-Financial Institutions(Sponsored by MIoD)

Nominees:Omnicane Limited, Rogers & Company Ltd

Air Mauritius Limited (Winner)


Corporate Governance Disclosures(Sponsored by NCCG)

Nominees:ENL Land Ltd, MCB Group Limited, Omnicane Limited, Rogers & Company Ltd

Terra Mauricia Ltd (Winner)


Online Reporting

Nominees:AfrAsia Bank Limited, ENL Group, Rogers & Company Ltd

MCB Group Limited (Winner)


Listed Companies

Nominees:Air Mauritius Limited, ENL Commercial Limited, LUX Island Resorts Ltd, Rogers & Company Ltd

Omnicane Limited (Winner)


Financial Institutions

Nominees:AfrAsia Bank Limited, The Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd

The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (Winner)



Nominees:Terra Mauricia Ltd, State Bank of Mauritius Ltd

MCB Group Limited (Winner)