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The Harel Frères group becomes Terra

9 November 2011

The CEO of the Harel Frères group, Cyril Mayer, announced during a press conference the new name and the new identity of the group, which will henceforth be known under the name of ‘Terra’. This rebranding completes a restructuring exercise which is subject to the approval of the shareholders on November 23rd next.

The purpose of this restructuring is to give the group a simpler, clearer and more readable structure. The new entity, named Terra Mauricia Ltd, whose shares are proposed to be exchanged against those of Harel Frères Limited, will be quoted to the Stock Exchange of Maurice under ‘investment’ and not under ‘sugar’ anymore, in order to better reflect the diversified activities of the group. Terra, with its new and resolutely modern logo, has not shunned the 173 rich years of this group.