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Terra celebrates its 175th birthday

17 May 2013

Terra has proudly announced the kick-off of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of its origins on Wednesday 08th of May at La Villebague. This highly symbolic colonial house invited the guests to go down memory lane as it is linked to the origins of the sugar industry in Mauritius. In fact, Mahé de Labourdonnais

was the co-owner of the estate from 1743 to 1747. Dating back from 1838, Harel Frères Group, known as Terra since 2011, has managed to become a major actor in the Mauritian economic landscape and society in general.


In addition, this anniversary will be celebrated with all of Terra’s stakeholders, starting with their 1300 employees, their shareholders and partners as well as all Mauritians who have contributed to the success of the group for whom this grand adventure started with sugarcane plantation.