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The shareholders gave their approval for the change of name of the group’s companies

13 April 2012

At a Special Meeting held on April 13, 2012 the shareholders of Terra gave their approval to the remaining steps of the restructuring exercise, the noted feature being the change of name of Harel Frères Limited into Terragri Ltd.

In this context, the names of the group’s other companies have also changed as follows:
  • Belle Vue Milling Co. Ltd becomes Terra Milling Ltd
  • Compagnie Thermique de Belle Vue Limitée is changed into Terragen Ltd
  • Sagiterre Ltée is unsurprisingly now known as Sagiterra Ltd
  • Fondation Harel Frères is henceforth Terra Foundation
  • Produits Basaltiques du Nord Ltée (PROBAN) is renamed Terrarock Ltd
  • Grays Inc. Ltd stays as Grays Inc. Ltd