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Unbelievable but true, it has already been 20 years since the inception of Terragen, Terra’s thermal power station. 20 years of tireless work, continuous growth and improvement, culminating to one goal: to make Terragen a greener and more sustainable power plant. To celebrate these 20 eventful years, we decided to take a look back at Terragen’s pivotal moments.

A few key dates

2000 : Terragen is born (formerly called the ‘Centrale Thermique de Belle Vue’)

2012 : The company makes a name change, ‘CTBV’ becomes Terragen

2013 : Terragen obtains a QSE certification (Quality – Safety – Environment), the first step towards achieving a greater goal

2015 : Terragen starts using sugar cane bagasse to generate electricity

20 years is worth celebrating!

For its 20 th anniversary, Terragen decided to organise three different events to mark the occasion. As the Terragen employees are the heart and soul of the company, the invitation was extended to those closest to them, their families. “It was extremely important for us to extend this invitation to our employees and their families” explains Zoe Clark, Administrative Manager at Terragen.

To start off the festivities on December 5 th 2020, Terragen opened its doors for a half-day event showcasing the plant in all its glory. During the visit, the families were presented a scale model of the Terragen plant and received a guided tour of the factory. The idea was to get them familiarized with the plant and explain the different types of tools used, as well as the raw materials exploited to generate power (coal, sugar cane bagasse, and sugar cane straw). The aim was simple, to unveil the mystery that surrounds the Terragen plant – mission accomplished! Safety, a pivotal matter at Terragen, is embedded in the company culture. As
such, an awareness corner was set up as a reminder of the importance of a safe working

The second event, an end-of-year celebration, took place on December 11 th 2020. Employees and their families were present for a festive evening, celebrating the history of Terragen, at the historic estate of ‘La Villebague’. Gifts were presented to employees who had been a part of Terragen’s journey from day one. A touching video montage dubbed ‘Down Memory Lane’ was projected, and featured Terragen’s greatest moments. All in all, it was an evening full of surprises, laced with emotion.

Finally, the celebrations ended with one final event… A sporty one no less! On January 21 st 2021, the entire Terragen team was invited to participate in a sports day – a half-day event dedicated to sporting activities, giving the employees the opportunity to compete against each other in good fun.

What does the future hold for Terragen?

If Terragen has already encountered a certain level of success in becoming a more sustainable plant, it has no plans on slowing down. There are a number of new and exciting projects in the pipeline – all with the long-term goal of making Terragen even greener and contributing to the fight against climate change.

“Our priority is to maintain the production of reliable and affordable energy for the CEB network, whilst continuing to grow our mix of renewable energies” says Jean-Marc Iweins, Power Plant Manager at Terragen. To bring this ‘green’ vision to fruition, the plant’s next few years will be devoted to a gradual transition – favoring renewable energies as an alternative to coal.

Here are a few examples of upcoming projects:

· Increase the yield of sugar cane straw to produce more electricity from it;

· Reduce the amount of humidity present in sugar cane bagasse as it leaves the factory, in order to produce more electricity from the same amount of bagasse;

· Improve plant efficiency – produce more energy from the same amount of raw materials, whatever they might be;

· Incorporate a solar power plant, to reduce the consumption of coal when there is sunlight;

· Introduce eucalyptus-type biomass fuels – cultivation has already started with Terragri – or even, recycled wood.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

A positive working environment and an effective work performance go hand in hand with employee safety. Adish Sewlall, QSE Coordinator at Terragen, enlightens us about the measures taken to ensure an optimal level of safety within the factory.

Employee safety is clearly a priority at Terragen. What are the most common causes of accidents in the workplace?

The safety of our employees is paramount at Terragen. We attach a great deal of importance to the wellbeing and security of our personnel – it is something that demands continuous improvement. This is especially true following a spike in accidents in 2020. For instance, among the last three accidents involving Terragen personnel, two required six days off. The first accident occurred as a result of a miscalculation – our employee underestimated the weight of the load he was carrying, which ultimately caused back pain. The second accident was due to a hardware failure, an electrical outlet malfunctioned while our employee was handling it, resulting in a hand injury. The third, more serious accident, was as a result of a fall from a fixed ladder. After scrutinizing the ladder in question, our team discovered the absence of handrails, but more alarmingly, on all the 52 ladders on site! Lastly, certain accidents can be linked to poor communication between employees, or simply, can occur due to fatigue.

What is the procedure following a workplace accident?

In the event of an accident, we have certain protocols to follow – especially when said accident involves a member of our team. All accidents are reported to the QSE, and a formal investigation is launched. The investigation necessitates paperwork, namely an accident report, which details the cause and location of the incident, any witnesses, as well as details of the injured party. Following the investigation, the Management sets up an action plan, which is subsequently monitored on a monthly basis. The findings from the investigation are also sent to Albioma, where we benefit from the assessment of the Director of Security.

How can workplace accidents be prevented?

We believe that education is key. Therefore, continual awareness campaigns are essential. We are also working towards improving our health & safety performance. For instance, in September, all Terragen managers gathered for a meeting chaired by our CEO. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the accidentology at Terragen. Thanks to this meeting, we were able to identify a number of causes and implement corresponding action plans – notably, a plan to reinforce our OHS system. Some of the improvements include greater involvement from a managerial perspective – Managers should now perform at least one site visit per
week. These visits ensure a regular assessment of the on-site safety and allow an official record of the feedback to be circulated by email. In terms of health & safety visits, we now demand the mandatory participation of the health & safety officer, the QSE, as well as one person per department. We have also set up the ‘Quick Risk Analysis’, which allows us to review the level of risk associated with the various types of equipment available on site. We have also realised that accidents often occur when routine is involved – employees are not as concentrated as they should be due to the repetitiveness of the task at hand. In order to solve this particular issue, we decided to regularly rotate the teams.

We have also implemented ‘safety rituals’, which are performed on weekdays. On Tuesdays, a member from each department is invited to participate in the SHE inspection. On Wednesdays, a facilitator dedicates 15 minutes to talk about safety. On Fridays, members from all departments participate in a ‘clean-up session’.

In short, we are implementing several action plans in order to eradicate workplace accidents. It is a long-term commitment that depends largely on the communication and introspection of the different teams that make up Terragen.

Have you noticed any positive changes following the implementation of such measures?

Yes, I believe we are on the right track. These new measures should get us moving in the right direction – our goal for 2021 is zero accidents!

Could you tell us more about the new safety measures for 2021?

In order to ensure a safer 2021, we have updated our QSE policy. The idea is to capitalise on the existing ‘good practices’, but also to reinforce other procedures. These procedures involve the Quick Risk Analysis, but also include an increased field presence from the Management team. We also work on a new project every year – this year, our goal is to improve the fire alarm system with the installation of water tanks, and a reorganisation of the fire alarm circuit.

‘Okazion’, a concept store created in November 2020, is the latest innovative retail outlet by Grays Inc. Ltd. The idea is simple: to offer quality products that are no longer accepted in traditional sales channels, at a drastically reduced price point—a wonderful initiative where customers no longer have to break the bank to enjoy quality products.

There are several factors that determine a product’s ineligibility for sale, namely: minor defects, damaged packaging or a fast-approaching expiration date. Nevertheless, these products are still perfectly usable! With the intention of solving a problem in the retail industry, wastefulness, the idea was born. Grays Inc. Ltd, hence launched Okazion, a retail store that sells items at unbeatable prices.

“In the past, we would organise clearance sales and/or donate to various benevolent organisations. However, we wanted something more sustainable, a long-term solution to a growing problem. We believe Okazion is the answer!” explains Nadine Bouic, Brand Manager for Personal & Home Care at Grays Inc. Ltd.

Situated on Robinson Road in Floréal – just a stone’s throw away from the 20/Vin shop – Okazion offers discounts of up to 80% on everyday items we all know and love. Bourjois, L’Occitane, Ulric de Varens, Doritos, Essenso, Mentos… The list goes on ! From beauty and personal care products, to wines, champagnes and spirits, to various foodstuffs, Okazion has a little something for everyone. Keep an eye out for quality product opportunities at unique prices!

“We have a large and diverse customer base. As such, we wanted to give our patrons the opportunity to benefit from these products at the lowest possible price” says Nadine.

Okazion, which publishes an updated product catalogue every month, has had a promising start since its launch in November – and given the current economic climate, it is no wonder it has become such a success.

Unveiled last year, the most recent addition to the New Grove collection is making waves! The New Grove Emotion 1969 was presented at the International Sugarcane Spirits Awardsand stole the hearts of the jury with its outstanding multi-vintage blend.

First held in 2020, the ISS Awards were created with the idea of shaking things up in the already established spirits industry. Essentially reimagining the world of spirits competitions, the ISS have set the bar very high. If the industry standard prescribed that competitions should be held over the course of one day, the ISS decided on an entirely different format altogether: the jury panel – around 40 experts from around the globe, originating from 17 different countries, carry out the taste test from the comfort of their own homes. These experts are given a month to complete a blind taste test on over 150 different samples of spirits before submitting detailed notes reflecting their tasting experience and their final verdict.

The first edition of the competition is now done and dusted with the New Grove Emotion 1969 being declared the big winner! “We are elated! Winning the Canne d’Or, the ‘World’s Best Spirit of the Year’, is not an everyday occurrence. Our years of perseverance and paying homage to our Mauritian heritage have concretely paid off,” says Florence de Coriolis, Rum Brand Coordinator at Grays Ltd.

Truthfully, it must be said that the origins of this winning rum are rather peculiar. In fact, the birth of the New Grove Emotion 1969 happened rather coincidentally – with the unexpected discovery of old rum barrels dating back to 1969. These barrels lay forgotten for over 50 years! Upon tasting the contents of the forgotten barrels, it became evident that the team had stumbled upon a real treasure – a rum of exceptional quality, with the characteristics of an extraordinary blend.

With a combination of the best vintages from years past, notably 2005 to 2008, Grays Ltd has created a spectacular result. With a gorgeous, deep amber colour, the New Grove Emotion 1969 presents sublime fruity aromas – underlined by pastry-like, buttery notes – with a touch of citrus and spicy-sweet undertones.

Harmony between past and present, the New Grove Emotion 1969 is the very definition of Mauritian know-how at its best – without neglecting to mention the touching story behind this incredible product: a journey from planter to cellar hand, almost half a century of time, all culminating to the creation of a unique and timeless blend.

Jason César is a man that wears many hats, and at 35 years old, he wears them proudly! A Chief weigher at the Belle Vue factory by day, Jason is also a devoted family man with various hobbies and interests.

With a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity, Jason is an avid documentary lover. “I love discovering new things and learning in the process. I dedicate much of my spare time watching documentaries of all genres – I find it enhances my general knowledge” he says. His second passion? Jason is a fishing enthusiast! According to him, there is no better hobby to unwind and escape the pressures of everyday life. In third place, like any self-respecting Mauritian, Jason is a football fanatic. A Liverpool F.C. diehard, Jason also plays religiously, every Wednesday in the company of his friends.

Hobbies aside, Jason is clearly passionate about another major aspect of his life: his career. 14 years have flown by since Jason initially joined the Terra group, and a further 11 years since he settled at Belle Vue. A dedicated and hard-working man, Jason demonstrated his worth and was deservedly promoted to Chief weigher in 2020.

What is Jason’s driving force? His constant desire for innovation and self-improvement in an industry that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. “In 2016, automated weighing was introduced to the existing scale system. This system was predominantly used for by-products but was later extended to cane. This small innovative change allowed for significant savings in terms of labour. It is a source of personal satisfaction to have led this project, especially because this level of automation only exists at Terra,” he explains.

And yet, for Jason, this success would not be possible without a solid, collaborative team. As the head of a young, tight-knit and promising team, Jason embraces the challenges that the future may bring their way.